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We are Founders

Texas Financial Partners announced our merger early in 2016 as one of the first and only life insurance advisory firm established to protect ongoing services for clients across generations. High net worth families and the businesses they own engage us in a complex and challenging multigenerational planning process. Our goal is to provide clarity, confidence, and coordination for their family harmony and financial security. However, their appreciation for the ongoing monitoring and modification of plan performance naturally raises a question—how long can they depend on our oversight? It is not just a fair question, it can become the most important question. By merging our multigenerational firms, we have converted that question into a mission to sustain portable resources dedicated to protect client continuity.

Partners Financial

PartnersFinancial was founded in 1987 by farsighted life insurance advisors, including two principals of Texas Financial Partners. Dedicated first to the highest client relationship standards and premiere client service, PartnersFinancial members created a new model of objectivity, collaboration, and leverage with life insurance institutions on behalf of our high net worth clients.

Partners Financial Website

National Financial Partners (NFP)

In 1998, National Financial Partners leveraged the success of PartnersFinancial to establish the first NYSE public company in the life insurance distribution space. Again, TFP principals played an integral role in the inception, formation, and initial public offering. Since then, NFP has expanded to a major international financial institution with reach into the entire spectrum of financial services.

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Lion Street

Lion Street, launched in 2010, is the first life insurance distribution company under private ownership by life insurance advisors, including three members of TFP. As the name implies, Lion Street owner-advisors are fiercely independent with powerful client planning solutions supported by strategic institutional relationships.

Lion Street Website

We are Advocates


All the TFP principals have a history of entrepreneurial independence. For clients and advisors making far-reaching decisions supported by life insurance purchases for their families and businesses, independence means neutrality that transcends price. Price is generally determined by competition, but competition ignores suitability and performance factors that put value considerations ahead of price, and converts our neutrality to client protection.

In the high net worth marketplace, purchasing life insurance is rarely a commodity transaction. For example, the issue of capacity is a critical, but largely unknown factor—the amount of coverage clients have access to within the limited number of life insurance companies available. As independents, TFP can take a coalition approach to secure the most suitable amount of life insurance in the right order from multiple institutions. Beyond decisions for the purchase of life insurance products are oversight capabilities for plan management and policy service, requiring systems and resources our independence gives us access to.


Our collective reputation and strong relationships with financial institutions are driven by putting our clients’ needs first. On their behalf, we have earned dedicated resources, favorable underwriting, and input into product development with a spectrum of carriers and other distribution channels. We moved beyond the stereotype of agents representing a life insurance company decades ago—instead negotiating from the clients’ side of the table.

Within the greater life insurance community, our commitment, participation, and leadership with the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU) has achieved significant protections for policyholders against recurring government challenges to the legislative and regulatory treatment of life insurance used for wealth transfer and business longevity. Through AALU, we engage with members of Congress and the Executive Branch, as well as highly placed bureaucrats and lobbyists, on behalf of our clients and our industry.


The impulse to transfer assets across generations doesn’t change. The planning opportunities and obstacles that support or limit that impulse do change. Our expertise grows in step with the changes in economic, financial, and tax environment. Our focus has broadened from the foundation of wealth transfer and business continuation to new uses of life insurance in philanthropic planning and with our international clientele.

Externally, our distribution position in the life insurance value chain is populated by countless creative peers and long-time friends. Many times each year, we join forces to exchange knowledge and experience, meeting in private study groups, producer group conferences, and national associations like Forum 400. We also stretch our research with accountants, attorneys, bankers, and trust officers by participating in groups like Estate Planning Councils, Society for Financial Service Providers, and Advisors in Philanthropy.

Some of our Partner Carriers

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